Tune Your Gear with the Toko Universal Adapter for Ski Vise World Cup

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Toko knows that professional instructors enjoy sliding on snow in many forms, including alpine skiing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing.

That’s why every multisnowsports family should consider owning a Toko Universal Adapter and Ski Vise World Cup.

As Toko US Brand Manager Ian Harvey explains in this great “how-to” video, the option of tuning your alpine skis, snowboard, or cross country skis with the combination of the Universal Adapter with the Ski Vise World Cup, “is great!”


“The Ski Vise World Cup is our best three-part vise for alpine skis,” Ian said. “If a person were to combine it with the Universal Adapter, they’d have a great snowboard set up as well as a decent Nordic set up too. This is perfect for the multisport family who doesn’t want to have a completely separate set up for each activity.”

A World Cup proven fixation device for securing alpine skis, the Ski Vise allows for the height of the two external surfaces to be adjusted, and in addition to the 90° angle setting can be set at 60° for edge preparation. Wider skis can be fixated by clamping the bindings. The Ski Vise includes two ski stopper holders.

Paired with the two external supports of the Universal Adapter, which fit into the two external supports of the Ski Vise WC, it can be used for snowboards, freeride skis, and cross-country skis. Note, the Universal Adapter only works with the Ski Vise World Cup.

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