PSIA-AASI Awards Nearly 150 Scholarships for Continued Education

PSIA-AASI awarded 149 scholarships this season totaling $64,000, to PSIA-AASI members to continue to create lifelong adventures through education.

Here are the scholarships awarded in each category. Scholarship applications for next winter are currently closed for the season. Use the links below to find out how you can apply for a scholarship next season.

64 Specialist/Certification Scholarship Recipients

This scholarship program awards members and non-members with funds to pursue a certification or specialist education track. These scholarships help offset expenses related to preparing for and attending a certification or specialist credential during the season.

Certification or Specialist Track Scholarship

Samuel Adam
Ashley Anderson
Rod Andrews
Justin Arndt
Stephanie Blair
Grant Branam
Julie Bray
Kevin Browder
Keeley Brownback
Marc Bruell
Clay Campbell
Leo Cartellieri
Sebastian Crain
Nick Dawson
Michael Dieter
Anastasia Docherty

Stephanie Dommer
Andrew Edwards
Antiliano Estrella
Kayleen Fain
Nicole Foley
Scott Gerhart
Daniel Goldman
Jesse Goldman
Kaylee Guajardo
Donald Haworth
Maeve Holland
Laurel Howe
Hattie Huston
Luke Irmiter
Mason Jackson
Courtney Janak

Mary Kautto
Matthew Lewandowski
Elizabeth Loschert
Anthony Makoski
Samantha Malz
Lauren McDermott
Catherine McNall
Ian Moonen
Evan Naughton
Barbara Newton
Meghan Ochs
Grace Pereira
Alisa Peterson
Joshua Pighetti
Robert Pollock
Hilary Roache

Sarah Seamons
Dongying Shen
Eric Sletmoe
Emma Summerill
Max Temple
Madeline Thompson
Maja Tlokinska-Scroggins
Tim Trottier
Elias Trujillo
Dominique Ulrich
Kate Valerio
Scott Viglienzone
Pablo Wenceslao
Mariane Wheatley-Miller
William Woodruff
Robyn Worcester


20 Nancy Oakes Hall Women’s Scholarship Recipients

Founded by former PSIA Alpine Team Member (1992-96) Nancy Oakes Hall, this scholarship enables women who are members of PSIA-AASI to advance their skills and seek leadership roles in the industry.

The program awards three separate scholarships each season with funds to:

  1. Covers attendance at PSIA-AASI’s National Academy
  2. Covers attendance at Women’s Summit
  3. Helps offset expenses related to attending a PSIA-AASI education event.

Allie Ace
Kate Ambler
Emily Barton
Melodie Buell
Josephine Cormier
Cathy Dent
Susan Elmer
Megan Gardiner
Ailin Saiz-Hawes
Logan Hastings

Liz Kumin
Elle Matalavage
Eileen May-West
Christa Miller-Shelley
Alexandra Niblo
Dolores Nogaro
Linsey Phelan
Taylor Riner
Hannah Sulhoff
Guadalupe Trebino

Veteran Workforce and Education Track Scholarship 1

10 Veteran Workforce & Education Track Scholarship Recipients

In partnership with the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, this scholarship program provides veterans and active military personnel with education opportunities that support the transition to careers in the outdoor industry.

William Aronson
Joseph Ballou
Thomas Baugh
David Desrosiers
John Fritz

Michael Jennings
Albert Ouellette
John Papai
Roy Whitaker
Lyle Yazzie

Adaptive Education Track Scholarship

25 Adaptive Education Track Scholarship Recipients

This scholarship program awards members and non-members with funds to pursue an adaptive certification education track. This scholarship helps individuals become better teachers by pursuing education to help them achieve the standard for personal performance, teaching, professional knowledge, and technical skiing and riding skills.

Arianna Asquini
Giles Augustine
Lauren Cisneros
Devin Cooper
Amir Kader
Celia Luner
Malia Michel
JoAnn Moats
Jeremy Musgrove
Olivia Niosi
Erika Nuetzel
Catherine Peterson
Richard Pierce

Mark Carvlin
Kasandra Christensen
Pamela Potzer
Natalie Quinn
Chris Scheich
Lucy Swaffield
Caitlin Tetherow
Brett Urbach
Samantha VanEaton
Kevin Wilson
Anna Wright
Nathan Yera

Small Snowsports School Scholarship

6 Small Snowsports School Scholarship Recipients

This scholarship provides small snowsports schools across the country, which are PSIA-AASI Member Schools, with access to educational events and education leaders, such as PSIA-AASI National Team members, who provide experiences that may be career-changing.

Hoodoo, Oregon
King Pine, New Hampshire
Mountain High Winter Sports, California

Skeetawk, Alaska
Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program, Nevada
Terry Peak, South Dakota

24 Women of Winter Scholarship Recipients

PSIA-AASI in partnership with Women of Winter (WoW), offered 24 scholarships for the 2023-2024 season, to Black, Indigenous, Women of Color, or non-binary/gender non-conforming individuals comfortable in women-centered spaces, with an education opportunity to obtain a (I) PSIA-AASI Alpine or Snowboard Level I certification or (II) a Freestyle Specialist 1 or Children’s Specialist 1. With our partnership with PSIA-AASI, Women of Winter is now able to collaborate with the National Brotherhood of Snowsports to offer 12 additional scholarships to their membership to obtain a (i) PSIA-AASI Alpine or Snowboard Level I certification. This new partnership allows all three organizations the opportunity to continue to expose, educate, support,and advance people of color in the Snowsports Industry.

Alexa Alagon
Stephania Alexander
Roberta Ballard
Ellen Bradley
Katherine Brower
Ouida Brown
Ashley Bryant
Sofia Chavez
Domeda Duncan
Beverly Fields
Jocelyn Fofana
Alyssa Herrera-Set

Erin Jackson
Emeline Jhowry
Danielle Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Tia Loftin
Karen Mendoza
Niki Penrose
Kimberly Reddick
Ashley Reed
Jazmin Russell
Yasmeen Wilkerson
Kristyna Young