New First Chair Podcast: Providing Effective Feedback, Part 2

PSIA-AASI First Chair Podcast Host George Thomas recently launched a new interview series, Boots on the Snow. In this series, George talks with snowsports instructors from across the country about real issues and opportunities they encounter in their classes.

In the second episode of this two-part interview, Northwest examiner Melodie Buell, the education and training manager for Oregon Adaptive Sports and a lead trainer for Mt. Bachelor Ski and Ride School, shares the importance of positive student feedback.

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Providing Effective Feedback, Part 2

In this second episode, George shares some of his own experiences with getting feedback from bosses and coworkers. Melodie says providing feedback on things your student did right is equally as important as critiquing something they did wrong. Error-focused feedback can be phenomenal if you have a good relationship with the student, but being vulnerable and providing feedback on the good things the student is doing automatically creates a better connection. Melodie says utilizing and comprehending the Learning Connection Model is a sure way to improve the quality of the experience in a lesson.


Providing Effective Feedback, Part 1

In January, George and Melodie chatted about effective feedback and the importance of delivering it in a way that benefits students. George kicks off the pod with some examples of poor feedback and how it created an unsatisfying lesson. Melodie says adapting your feedback to the needs of the learner, managing emotional and physical risk, and understanding and managing our own reactions are key to creating a successful lesson. She also discusses how to build trust and be timely, thoughtful, and respectful.