Insight From Outgoing PSIA Cross Country Team Coach Emily Lovett

PSIA Cross Country Team Coach Emily Lovett will be pursuing new professional interests as an instructor at the end of the current PSIA-AASI National Team term at the end of this month and passing on the free-heel baton to new Cross Country Team Coach Zeke Fashingbauer.

Here, she talks about how much she has enjoyed working for the benefit of PSIA-AASI members and supporting all the great things they do.

Q: What has being on the national team meant to you?

A: Being on the team has been the highlight of my career in snowsports thus far. The opportunities to work with and share ideas with top educators from across the country and the globe (at Interski) has given me more depth and passion for instructing and coaching. I’ve always been passionate about the power of teamwork. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to explore and grow as a team as we work toward bettering snowsports instruction. The teamwork opportunities within PSIA-AASI are so ripe. We can learn region to region within our disciplines and then even more across disciplines. That’s been exciting to be a part of this teamwork progress.

Q: What do you feel have been the greatest contributions to the PSIA-AASI member experience in your specific terms?

A: During my two terms on the team, we developed and implemented new national standards across the organization. I loved working with my teammates to develop tools to help ourselves and membership be better at what we do. Highlights were the time spent on snow (at National Team Training, Regional Training, and Cross Country Academy) with other instructors to explore learning as we put the new standards in play. I also believe that the teamwork of the Cross Country Taskforce has made great strides for PSIA Cross Country, developing tools and resources for our membership. It’s been a gift to lead this group of talented skiers and educators.

Q: Are there a few highlight reel moments that stand out more than others and why are those the memories that stand the test of time?


  • Skiing in Finland at Interski. We did a ONEteam Cross Country ski afternoon that was so memorable and fun. We had team members from all disciplines on cross country skis, taking a tour on the beautiful Levi, Finland, trails. We laughed, learned, and bonded!
  • Team Training in Bend, Oregon, in 2020 (with David Lawrence and Greg Rhodes). This was toward the end of our term together, and at this point in our term we knew each other really well. We had so much fun skiing together in beautiful conditions at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center. We laughed and we coached each other with ease. Being in this healthy space, we kicked out some great work creating educational videos that are used today in the PSIA Cross Country ski curriculum.
  • Team Training in Vail, Colorado, in 2023. Tulie [Budiselich], Zeke [Fashingbauer], and I were preparing our presentations for Interski 2023. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work, coaching each other on how to best present material. It was a rich learning environment and beautiful conditions at Vail Nordic Center. We left that training confident that we would deliver at Interski 2023, and we did.
  • Cross Country Academy in West Yellowstone, Montana. Skiing with members from across the country for three days in an amazing setting. Every year I came away from the week so energized and jazzed for the season, having shared and explored with fellow instructors on snow.

Q: What does it actually take to get on the national team?


  • Being at the top of your game and confident in your abilities to ski, ride, teach, coach, and relate to others.
  • Passion for learning from and working with others.
  • Bringing your true self to the team – this is really important. You don’t need to change to be on the team, you need to bring your best self in the moment. And then be open to growing.

Q: What’s the application process for someone who would consider this a future goal?

A: The application process begins at least a year before the selection event – information is posted on You’ll work with your regional organization to let them know your interest. The preparation piece of the application process is important; it’s a fulfilling commitment in itself. Find a mentor who is on the team or has been recently to help you dial in your skills and create a plan for learning opportunities as you prepare to bring your best self to the tryouts.

Q: Is there any advice you could share about how someone could start to train for the 2028 tryouts?

A: Attend Cross Country Academy (or other multi-regional training), where you’ll be working with coaches on the national team and other high-caliber coaches. Attend other high-performance camps. Find opportunities to coach and instruct all levels – beginners to high-end (race-oriented) skiers. Free ski with high-performing skiers. Participate in reflection exercises on teaching/coaching, people, and technical skills (take videos of yourself, solicit feedback from your peers and students). Find ways to step out of your comfort zone in your work with skiing/riding and teaching.

Q: From whom or where do you continue to find your inspiration? (Kudos or shoutouts?)

A: Such a great question! I am inspired by people who are in tune with and follow their personal passions. And who use this clarity to give to others.

  • David Lawrence – for always pushing the inner spirit to the surface.
  • Jon Kreamelmeyer – an amazing coach and mentor who puts friendships and love first.
  • My badass girlfriends (Katie, Judi, Marti to name a few) – who naturally bring challenges (in the form of physical adventures) and nurture (love) to our friendship.
  • Coaches – Pete Leonard, Jon Engen, for their clear and concise communication of ski technique.
  • My inner spirit!

Q: What are your next big goals?

A: I’m looking forward to creating some “open space” in my work environment/world to see what surfaces. I have several interests that I feel like need time to percolate. In the past few months, it’s become clear that taking a “sabbatical” or “gap months” is important for me to tune further into where my spirit wants to go. Some ideas include:

  • I love being on snow with others. Potentially coaching at more ski camps across the country or expanding on our own camp offerings.
  • Helping others be successful in events, programs, teams – offer my coaching skills.
  • Yoga and cross country ski retreat.

Q: How has the national team experience helped you prepare for what’s next? 

A: Over the past eight years I’ve put a lot of energy into delivering PSIA educational materials and experiences for our membership. This has been an amazing experience that I have grown from immensely. It’s given me confidence in my abilities to work with skiers of all levels in a variety of settings. It’s also helped me tune into what I love to do – coaching individuals and teams on snow. I’m ready to take a breather from the agenda of creating and delivering curriculum and just do what I love to do, coach cross country skiing.