32 Degrees: Thanks to the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team

In the Fall 2021 issue of 32 Degrees, PSIA-AASI members got a first formal look at the 2021-24 National Team, along with an overview of the selection process, the team’s educational mission, and how they would work to enhance the snowsports instruction experience for everyone.

As the team prepares to host their last official event together at National Academies in Big Sky, Montana, hitting the snow with members from across the country to reflect on and celebrate their accomplishments at Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland, hard work in evolving the Strategic Alignment Initiative, and continued refinement and perfection of the Learning Connection Model, it’s a good time to look back on where they started and thank them for all they’ve done.

Below is an excerpt from the Fall 2021 article, “Meet the New PSIA-AASI National Team: Working to Enhance Your Member Experience.”

How the Team Improves Your Teaching

Team members will work with ski and ride schools throughout the country, conducting clinics to connect with members and help them improve their people, teaching, and technical skills. They’re also helping facilitate the rollout of the new certification standards.

“The job of the team member is to bring people together and meet the needs of our membership and resort partners,” said PSIA-AASI Team Coach Jeb Boyd. “Team members work together to assist PSIA-AASI in developing and promoting educational material, programs, and activities as well as work to provide consistency for our certification standards across all eight divisions.”

A Rigorous Selection Process

Team candidates underwent an extensive interview process, including submitting writing samples, giving presentations, and demonstrating their teaching, people, and technical skills on snow. Selectors, including former team members and educational leaders from across the country, separated the very best from the best to appoint the new team.

“Being a great teacher takes more than being the best rider, or skier, on the hill,” said AASI Snowboard Coach Eric Rolls. “Team Selection measures a variety of skills. We identify who can relate to their students to help them feel comfortable in a lesson while also helping their students understand the movements that will advance their skiing or riding – so they can learn faster and have more fun. People skills, like empathy and communication, are just as important as technical skills, how good someone is at riding or skiing, when teaching a lesson.”

After watching the intense selection process, PSIA-AASI Board Chair Eliza Kuntz shared, “It was thrilling to watch these instructors; they display such a high level of expertise. They’re talented educators with a knack for reading and relating to their audience and top-notch athletes.”

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