PSIA-AASI Spring Education Conference Works to Enhance the Professional Instruction Experience

PSIA-AASI’s Spring Education Conference wrapped up in Keystone, Colorado, last week, with key educational leaders from across the country gathering to continue to work toward strategic alignment, streamline the education and assessment process for each snow-sliding discipline, and enhance the professional snowsports instruction experience. Learning is the main focus that drives all initiatives founded in the Learning Connection.

“This week’s Spring Education Conference in Keystone reinforced for me the many reasons why I’m so proud to be a part of PSIA-AASI through the variety of top-notch educational resources that will be the result of this gathering,” said PSIA-AASI CEO Peggy Hiller. “We are two years out from achieving more consistency nationwide of educational and certification processes centered on ‘What Makes a Great Instructor.’ These processes and educational resources will directly benefit our schools, our members, and most importantly our guests.”

Executive leadership from each region, educational leaders representing every discipline of snowsports instruction, and past and current team members from the PSIA-AASI National Team jumped at the opportunity to create clear pathways for professional development for all PSIA-AASI snowpros.

During the conference, indoor meetings were held at Keystone Lodge and on-snow workshops at A-Basin. Here’s what you need to know as a PSIA-AASI member:

  • Why is it important? Education Conference is about looking back over the last season and planning for summer and fall training, moving forward into next season, and ultimately moving toward alignment outcomes for May 2026. It’s a chance for task forces to drive forward their work and collaborate in interdisciplinary ways, weaving together the many different facets of the association into a coherent voice. This year, we are using a ONEassociation, ONEslide slogan that will help us become more member and student centric.
  • Who attended? Discipline reps from all regions, task forces for all disciplines, Children’s Specialist and Freestyle Specialist reps from all regions, executive leaders, and Education Leadership Council (ELC).
  • How does it benefit you? It benefits all members as it brings the association closer together so that members’ certifications are truly recognized as equal across all regions. As systems are more aligned, continuing education becomes more portable and relevant to the profession of teaching snowsports. Prices for membership will become the same across regions and assessment processes will become consistent across regions. These benefits will enhance the professional recognition, pay, credibility, and opportunities for members.
  • What are some of the key accomplishments to date and key goals moving forward? The streamlining of National Standards, Performance Guides, and unified assessment forms, as well as quality assurance and enhancement progress and unified regional Education Staff training developments to enhance consistency and share good practices. For conference participants, goals included:
  1. Articulate their shared vision of process alignment and ONEassociation.
  2. Explain the short-term goals and long-term objectives to the 2026 deadline and beyond.
  3. Explain the role that Fall Training (Regional and National), and related events, will play in 2024 and 2025 to achieve alignment.
  4. Continued alignment in examiner training across the country to increase consistency in messaging and member experience in educational and credentialing events.

Photo credit: Copper Mountain