Junior Instructor Certificate Toolkit 

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the snowsports industry? Now you can!

Participate in the Junior Instructor Certificate Program. Learn what it’s like to work as an instructor, even if you have no experience other than being interested in knowing how to ski or snowboard.

To get started, review this toolkit and connect with your local snowsports school. Ask about your school’s specific requirements, since every school has a slightly different program. Regardless of what snowsports school program you participate in, you’ll need to complete some minimum program requirements before you receive your official PSIA-AASI national certificate of completion.

Earning national recognition as a Junior Instructor:

  • Develops important career skills for you, such as:
    • Public speaking
    • Instruction
    • Independence
    • Dedication
    • Discipline
    • Professionalism
    • Communication
    • Managing group dynamics
  • Opens doors to jobs in the outdoor industry
  • Make you a better skier or snowboarder
  • Keeps you fit all winter long
  • Connects you with others who share your passion

Want to Host this Program at Your PSIA-AASI Member School?

Want to Work as an Instructor?

  • Take our E-Learning Course for New Instructors, and get up to speed about what it’s like to work as an instructor before you get on snow.
  • Visit our “Score a Job on the Slopes” page, share your contact information and get a free Work on Snow Kit that contains everything you need to help you “skip the lift line” of finding work on the slopes.