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Cancelled: CS Trainer Evaluation (2-Day)

Dates: Monday, March 6, 2023 - Tuesday, March 7, 2023 from 8:30 am - 4 pm MT (2 Days)
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Event Type: Certificate Assessment

Location: Park City Mountain - Park City Base (Legacy Lodge, Payday Room)
All participants in winter events at Park City are required to wear a helmet. If you do not wear a helmet you will not be able to attend the event you signed up for. If you do not have a helmet, Park City will provide them free of charge at the rental shop on the day of the event. Please check the website for most up-to-date parking and public transportation:

Host Division: Intermountain

Registration Information:
- First Chair Rate: $310.00 (available through Sunday, February 19)
- Last Chair Rate: $335.00
- CEUs: 12

Prerequisites: Current PSIA-AASI Membership, Children's Specialist 2

Registration Deadline: Monday, February 20, 2023, 11:59 pm MT

This event has been cancelled.

Online Registration: CLOSED

Course Description:

CS Trainer (CST) Learning Outcome

The Children's Specialist Trainer (CST) is a two-day interactive, assessment-based certificate event that will continue the growth of instructors who may serve as in-house and mentors for their Snowsports School's Children's Program. To participate in this event, a candidate:

- Must be a current PSIA-AASI member in good standing.

- Must be a current PSIA-AASI (or equivalent) Certified Level 3 instructor.

- Must have a current PSIA-AASI CS2 certificate.

- Must have a minimum of three years actively working with children in a PSIA-AASI Snowsports School.

- Must submit a 500- to 1,000-word autobiographical paper outlining your Snowsports and educational background, trainer experience, and your reasons and motivations for seeking the CST designation.

At the end of the course, a successful candidate can demonstrate mastery of all CS concepts in a peer-to-peer instructor setting appropriate for all Snowsports disciplines, model exemplary teaching methodologies and sound presentation techniques, and exhibit through on-snow and indoor clinic presentations, the opportunity for expansion and greater synthesis of CS concepts by the other event participants.

An Intermountain-recognized CST designation and certificate are awarded if you meet the minimum standards for this course.

Assessment Criteria & Activities

- Successful completion and submission of the CST Workbook to the PSIA-AASI Intermountain Office () at least two weeks prior to attending a CST event.

- Scoring at least 80% correct on the workbook and its essays.

- Your active participation during the CST event in several group, team and individual on-snow and indoor presentations. The CST event uses the six-point national scoring standard and the total score for the team and individual presentations must average at least a four with no more than one element lower than a three or below.

Learning Experiences

- The CST course requires a synthesis and demonstrated mastery of all CS concepts in a peer-to-peer instructor setting appropriate for all Snowsports disciplines. Focus: All ages; all zones.

- Your clinician will guide you through a series of discussions, role-playing exercises, movement analysis scenarios and presentation strategies at the event that will enhance your skills in working with children and presenting in front of your peers.

NOTE: Previous season CST workbooks will not be accepted.

Additional Event Details:


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