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What You’ll Become

A Better Teacher A Better Athlete
Prove what you know by getting certified, which is the standard for top teaching performance. Improve your own skiing and riding by attending educational clinics.
A Better Friend A Better Leader
Meet local instructors by joining more than 32,000 folks who also love sliding on snow. Gain professional leadership skills by facilitating and managing large groups and solving problems.

What You’ll Get

Find exclusive equipment, and hard-to-find products and apparel hand-selected that enhances your time on the snow, at great prices. PSIA-AASI has eight divisions in the U.S. Share ideas and best practices with other members that slide on snow right in your backyard.
Sports Insurance The Community
 Protect yourself and get an accidental medical and professional liability plan to make sure off season mishaps don't impact your winter season.  Create your own user profile, upload and share files, provide feedback, and even create your own network to share your own expertise.

What You’ll Invest


*$69+ division dues


*$69+division dues
Join this category if you:   Love skiing or snowboarding but you’re not yet working at a school and don’t have your  certification. **If you’re already working at a school and ready to pursue your certification.

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 32 Degrees- Digital X            X                       
Education Discounts

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The Community

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*National dues for certified and registered are $69 and division dues vary. All member dues are in U.S. dollars. Dues are for one year and subject to change without notice.
**Joining as a certified member may be different based on your PSIA-AASI division. Contact your division to learn more.