5 Reasons to Take a Ski or Snowboard Lesson This Spring

 If you’re thinking of learning to ski or snowboard, or if you’re already an avid skier or rider who wants to take your skills to the next level, a professional lesson will help you learn the easy way, or help you master expert skills, so you can have more fun on the slopes this spring!

Instructors from the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) share  five reasons to take a lesson. No matter what someone’s level of experience, from never-ever skiers to a slayer of bumps, taking a ski or snowboard lesson will help skiers and snowboarders  improve.

1) It’s easier and faster to learn from an instructor. Instructors are professionals trained to teach people how to ski and snowboard. “We know how to break down the movements and provide helpful feedback to make skiing and riding easy and fun,” said PSIA Alpine Team Member Eric Lipton“You’ll be a more effective skier or rider if you learn the right way.”

2) An instructor will help you improve. “No matter your ability level, you can always use a coach – there is always something you can improve on,” said PSIA National Alpine Team Member Jennifer Simpson Weier. “The more things that you learn to do on your skis, the more the mountain opens up to you and the more fun you’ll have.”

3) An instructor’s  job is to answer your questions. Instructors know how to explain information in an easy way so you can learn faster. “Whether you’re a beginner trying to get your helmet adjusted, or an advanced snowboarder working on your tricks, professional instructors are just that, pros. We can show you how to learn a sport into simple steps so it’s easy and fun to learn,” said AASI National Snowboard Team member Tony Macri.

4) Instructors show  students new terrain and help them explore the mountain. Looking for a mellow groomer? Or seeking out a hidden powder stash? “Our job is part instructor and part mountain guide. We’ll show you the terrain that is going to help you have the most fun,” said PSIA National Telemark Team Member Gregory Dixon. “We also know where to find the best snow – so take a lesson and we’ll explore the best places to ski or ride.”

5) Get welcomed into the mountain culture. “It’s more than just a lesson, instructors will welcome you into the mountain culture,” said Dixon. “Instructors are are some of the friendliest people on the mountain. Many do this job because they enjoy sharing their knowledge and making connections with people, and they want others to love the sport as much as they  do!”

If a new skier or rider is looking for some tips to help get them started, PSIA-AASI’s Beginner’s Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding video series will show them what to expect before heading to slopes for the first time.

The videos are led by two of the top PSIA-AASI instructors in the country. Eric Lipton explains how to get started skiing , and Chris Rogers explains how to snowboard. Both have experience teaching across skill levels, from beginners who have never skied, to experts. Lipton and Rogers cover skills such as how put on boots, turn and stop, and ride a chairlift.

To watch the videos, visit:

“There are many easy tips to help anyone have a successful first day on the slopes,” said Rogers. “For example, you can learn how to properly put on your socks, how to carry your skis or snowboard, and how to get on and off a chairlift. Knowing the ins and outs of skiing and snowboarding will help you feel confident on your first day.”

To take your skiing or riding to the next level, and if interested in learning more about the benefits of taking a lesson from a certified instructor,  visit PSIA-AASI’s Take a Lesson page.