The National Academy, Rider Rally, Telemark Academy Highlight Reel

National Academy, Rider Rally, and Telemark Academy 2019 all shared the slopes at Big Sky, Montana last week. Along with Adaptive Team Coach Geoff Krill and a handful of sit-skiers, every discipline was able to enjoy this epic event, relishing fresh insight from Interski 2019, and amazing snow.

Here are the daily highlights from snowsports education’s biggest event.

National Academy Day 1: Bringing It All Back Home from Interski 2019

In what is easily the quickest turnaround between an Interski event and National Academy, the PSIA-AASI National Team hit the snow three weeks after wowing the international snow pro community gathered in Pamporovo, Bulgaria, with the latest evolution of the Learning Connection.

“It is so exciting to have had such a successful Interski leading into National Academy,” said PSIA-AASI Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Herrin. “Our National Team did an exceptional job sharing our educational direction as an organization and highlighting how we continue to explore and expand the way we teach snowsports – and how we identify priorities for our guests, resorts and instructors.” Read more about Day 1.

National Academy Day 2: The Biggest Event of the Season
At PSIA-AASI National Academy 2019 in Big Sky, Montana, the runs vary from highway-wide groomers to breathtaking steeps, with treeless chutes as smooth as the edge of the moon. But the essence of the event – bringing PSIA-AASI National Team members and instruction professionals together from across the country for one incredible week of skiing and riding, learning, and unforgettable fun – always remains the same. Read more about Day 2.

Rider Rally & Telemark Academy Kick Off at Big Sky
How do you make the best event of the year even better? You add more participants, and more disciplines. That’s what happened in Big Sky as Rider Rally and Telemark Academy joined their friends attending National Academy for a shred buffet of riding and learning. Read more here.

National Academy Day 4: Aussie Interski, Demo Days + 40 Years of Free-Heel
Equal parts end-of-season celebration, expert-level clinic, and summary of the presentations at Interski 2019 in Pamporovo, Bulgaria, this year’s event earned plaudits for its comprehensive overview of the professional snowsports instructor experience. Read more about Day 4.

National Academy Day 5: Experiential Volkswagen, Great Rum + Snow Withdrawal
As the final day of National Academy, Rider Rally, and Telemark Academy began, spirits were high thanks to blue sky weather and the opportunity to put a strong finish on an incredible week of riding and learning. Read more here.

– Peter Kray