PSIA-AASI Joins the Outdoor State and Partners with Protect Our Winters

PSIA-AASI recently partnered with Protect Our Winters (POW), a nonprofit that helps passionate outdoor people protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change, to promote sustainability and to drive climate advocacy education initiatives for the winter sports community. The partnership will give members tools and resources to share messages about the impacts of climate change on the winter environment.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity that this partnership presents in activating the snowsports community to address climate change,” said Mario Molina, POW’s Executive Director, adding “PSIA-AASI has such a strong influence on the lifelong relationship that people develop with snowsports. As trusted educators, they are uniquely positioned to teach both new and experienced skiers and snowboarders the importance of protecting their winter playgrounds.”

In July 2018 PSIA-AASI’s Board of Directors approved the association’s Sustainability Policy which laid the groundwork for how the association acts on climate change to reduce its future impact on the snowsports industry.

“As an education association, PSIA-AASI’s sustainability efforts focus on providing members who want to learn more about climate advocacy the resources to do so,” said PSIA-AASI CEO Nicholas Herrin.

“We’re excited to partner with POW so we can provide enhanced programming and education content to our members so they can learn ways to share messages about climate change and the impact it has on our winter sports environment,” said Herrin. “We want to be leaders in the cultural shift of educating skiers and snowboarders on the immediate action needed to combat climate change.”

As part of the partnership, PSIA-AASI will collaborate with POW to provide an e-learning curriculum that features POW’s educational content from their Outdoor State initiative, a series of webinars lead by professional athletes, climate scientists, artists, and brand partners.

PSIA-AASI members will also have the opportunity to engage with POW at events across the country or use online events, like POW hosted webinars to engage with the community. Members can also learn more about POW in 32 Degrees and related digital content.

For more information about the PSIA-AASI and POW partnership visit the new sustainability page or learn more about POW at You can also follow PSIA-AASI @thesnowpros and POW @Protectourwinters on Instagram.