Team Selection 2021: The Team Behind Team Selection

Ask any candidate putting their teaching and turning skills to the test at PSIA-AASI Team Selection 2021 at Breckenridge, Colorado, this week who helped them get there, and you’re likely to hear a long list of family members, mentors, fellow instructors, and friends.

There is also a sizeable support group of selectors grading each candidate’s efforts on the hill and in presentations this week – and also compiling a comprehensive summary of performance feedback to help each instructor continue to improve – many of them former team members and coaches who know firsthand what it takes to reach the summit of instruction.

It’s all part of the on-snow instructional ecosystem that helps all instructors reach their goals, and keeps creating lifelong adventures through education.

“The pass-on of knowledge and support from team to team is massively important on many levels, including socially, educationally, and historically,” said former AASI Snowboard Team Coach Scott Anfang, who is working as a selector this week. “I think it’s so crucial that each new team pick up and carry forward the work that the previous team had been working on to benefit members. It’s so important for the overall progress of our sport and organization.”


All Disciplines 

  • Jeb Boyd –  PSIA-AASI National Team Head Coach
  • Dave Schuiling –  Director of Education


  • Jeff Inouye – Ski Program Director at Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center
  • Geoff Krill –  PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach
  • Kim Seevers (virtual selector) –  former Adaptive Team Coach
  • Josh Spoelstra – former Adaptive Team and Snowboard Team member


  • Pete Allison –  Professor at Penn State University
  • Matt Boyd –  PSIA Alpine Team Assistant and Development Coach
  • Dee Byrne – former Alpine Team member
  • Ron Kipp – U.S. Ski Team Coaches Education & Development Manager
  • Carol Levine – former Alpine Team member
  • Eric Lipton – former Alpine Team member
  • DavidOliver – former Alpine Team member (freestyle)
  • Leigh Pierini (virtual selector)
  • Mike Porter – former Alpine Team coach
  • Ellen Post Foster (virtual selector) – former Alpine Team member, member U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame
  • Rob Sogard – former PSIA-AASI Alpine Team Coach
  • Jennifer Weier – former Alpine Team member
  • Michael Rogan –  PSIA Alpine Team Coach
  • Gareth Trayner –  USSA

Cross Country

  • David Lawrence – former Cross Country Team Coach
  • Emily Lovett –  PSIA Cross Country Team Coach


  • Scott Anfang – former AASI Snowboard Team Coach
  • Shaun Cattanach – former Snowboard Team member
  • Lane Clegg – former AASI Snowboard Team Coach
  • KC Gandee – former Snowboard Team member
  • Robin Kisiel – Snowboard examiner
  • Tony Macri – AASI Snowboard Team Assistant and Development Coach
  • Eric Rolls – AASI Snowboard Team Coach
  • Jason Schetrompf  – Snowboard examiner


  • Gregory Dixon – PSIA Telemark Team Coach
  • Scotty McGee – former PSIA Nordic Team Coach