New Event: Freestyle Academy

Freestyle Academy is a new multi-discipline event for freestyle specialists and instructors looking to improve their freestyle teaching and riding skills. The event will take place starting February 6, 2023 at Team USA’s freestyle training ground: Copper Woodward Terrain Park and Halfpipe.

Hosted by the Rocky Mountain Region, this unique opportunity will let you join freestyle specialists such as AASI Snowboard Team Assistant and Developmental Coach Tony Macri, PSIA Alpine Team members Ryan Christofferson and Ben Potts, and freestyle education staff, for two, or five, days of park riding, development, and credentialing.

“This is a five-day event that can be split up into different structures to meet your goals,” said Tony. “The first two days are clinics focused on training towards credential standards. The last three days will include Freestyle Specialist 1, 2 and 3 assessments. It’s your choice how you’d like to attend. Attend the 2-day clinic, the 3-day assesment, or both to make the event 5 days.”

The event is open to both alpine and snowboard participants. This multi-discipline setting will allow you to maximize your understanding of the Freestyle Specialist Standards and what you need to work on to reach your professional goals.

“You will leave this event with a better understanding of your abilities and how they compare to the Freestyle Specialist 1, 2 and 3 standards,” said Ben. “You will also gain more confidence presenting, teaching, and performing movement analysis segments at the various levels of Freestyle Specialist.”

Attend to spend time skiing and riding different sized features to find where you are comfortable performing a range of tricks. You will also work on building teaching progressions from outside to inside the park as you hone your skills at teaching freestyle. You’ll also get access to discounts to the Woodward Barn to let you work on your tricks and coaching indoors with trampolines and foam pits.

Listen to this podcast to learn more, then reserve your spot for this event where you can earn up to 12 CEUs. (Registration closes Monday, February 21, 11:59 MT, 2023):

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