PSIA-AASI Announces 2024-28 National Team!

The Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) announced its 2024-28 National Team today, April 25, concluding a rigorous, winter-long selection process that culminated on-snow at Big Sky, Montana, this week. The 30 professional instructors named to the team comprise some of the best skiers and riders in the world and are inspirational educators and lifelong learners.

Representing Adaptive, Alpine, Cross Country, Snowboard, and Telemark disciplines, team members set the standard for U.S. snowsports instruction and embody the ski and snowboard experience.

“The PSIA-AASI National Team embodies the breadth and depth of the best of our association through their people, teaching, and technical skills,” said PSIA-AASI CEO Peggy Hiller. “Their modeling of these key components of ‘What Makes a Great Instructor’ inspires instructors across the country to push themselves and produce successful learning for guests of all ages.”

Hiller added, “The leadership from our National Team members permeates our snowsports industry when the team members are in their home snowsports schools or venues and when they are working across the country within our PSIA-AASI events and training our education staff. Simply put, the National Team improves the U.S. Snowsports Industry.”

Team members are responsible for promoting, supporting, and assisting with the development of PSIA-AASI education materials, programs, and activities at all levels. The team’s mission is to support PSIA-AASI membership and member schools as part of the snowsports industry to:

  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Create and nurture positive learning experiences
  • Grow enthusiasm and excitement for our profession

The next four years in particular promise to be positively transformative for snowsports instruction in the United States as PSIA-AASI works to continue to refine and enhance the professional snowsports teaching experience.

“This team represents professionalism and inspiration at the highest level,” said PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling. “The association has some big goals for the next four years that includes education alignment and more consistent experiences for the membership. Along with Interski 2027 in Vail, PSIA-AASI and the National Team will host snowpros from around the world.”

“Interski is a collaboration of thought leaders and educators to evolve and grow the snowsports industry,” Schuiling added. “The talented field of pros at this selection event will inspire us all into the future. Additionally, everyone who has committed to the 2024 Team Selection are leaders in their own right to help us all get and be better. It’s about continual learning.”

More than 100 talented snowsports instructors from across the country were invited to Team Selection at Big Sky this year, representing a level of talent and dedication that will continue to create and inspire positive learning experiences for other PSIA-AASI members as well as their guests.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who pushed themselves so hard to even earn a spot at the 2024-28 Team Selection, and also each of the selectors who shared their time and expertise on and off the mountain,” said PSIA-AASI National Team Coach Jeb Boyd. “Each one of these people – whether they made the team for the new term or pushed themselves to their limits to see how much they can accomplish – has made significant contributions to our association and snowsports instruction.”

Read More About the National Team and the Selection Process:

2024-28 PSIA-AASI National Team

National Team Coach: Jeb Boyd, Loon Mountain, Eastern

Adaptive Team

Adaptive Team Coach: Geoff Krill, Loon Mountain, Eastern

Melodie Buell, Mt. Bachelor, Oregon Adaptive Sports Northwest
Ryan Latham, Challenge Aspen, Snowmass Ski & Snowboard School Rocky Mountain

Alpine Team

Alpine Technical Coach: Michael Rogan, Heavenly Resort and Portillo, Chile, Western

Alpine Development Coach: Matt Boyd, Loon Mountain, Eastern

Dusty Dyar*, Crested Butte Ski & Ride School Rocky Mountain
Bart Flynn*, Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School Intermountain
George Flynn*, Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School Intermountain
Joshua Fogg*, Aspen Snowmass Ski & Snowboard School. Rocky Mountain
Mike Hafer*, Vail Ski & Snowboard School Rocky Mountain
Stephen D. Helfenbein*, Sun Valley Snowsport School Intermountain
Kevin M. Jordan*, Aspen Snowmass Ski & Snowboard School. Rocky Mountain
Elizabeth M. Matalavage, Stevens Pass Ski & Snowboard School Northwest
Zoe Mavis*, Big Sky Mountain Sports School Northern Rocky Mountain
Peter Novom, Okemo Ski & Ride School Eastern
Arch J. Oliver, Big Sky Mountain Sports School Northern Rocky Mountain
Ben Potts*, Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School Rocky Mountain
Ann Schorling*, Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School Intermountain
Brian C. Smith*, Gore Mountain Snowsports School/Aspen Highlands Ski & Snowboard School Eastern
Dominique B. Vetromile, Aspen Mountain Ski & Snowboard School Rocky Mountain
Troy Walsh*, Sunday River Ski & Snowboard School Eastern
Katherine A. White, Yellowstone Club Snowsport School Northern Rocky Mountain

Cross Country Team

Cross Country Team Coach: Zeke Fashingbauer, Minocqua Winter Park, Central

Justin B. Arndt, Crested Butte Nordic Council Rocky Mountain
Tulie Budiselich*, Methow Valley Ski School & Rentals, Sun Mountain Ski Northwest

Snowboard Team

Snowboard Technical Coach: Eric Rolls, Woodward Park City, Intermountain

Snowboard Development Coach: Tony Macri, Copper Mountain, Rocky Mountain

Brian P. Donovan*, Stratton Mountain Sports School Eastern
Corianne V. Lambert, Aspen Snowmass Ski & Snowboard School. Rocky Mountain
Matt Larson*, Big Sky Mountain Sports School Northern Rocky Mountain
Chris E. Rogers*, Vail Ski & Snowboard School, WNTR Training Rocky Mountain
Joshua Smith, Mammoth Mountain Sports School, Perisher Ski Resort Western
Lyndsey Stevens*, Vail Ski & Snowboard School Rocky Mountain
Jesse I. Yedwab, Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School Rocky Mountain

Telemark Team

Telemark Team Coach: Greg Dixon, Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, Northwest

Keith Rodney*, Mount Snow Ski & Snowboard School Eastern
Michael O. Stanley, Breckenridge Ski and Snowboard School
Rocky Mountain

* Returning team members