Team Selection 2021: Geoff Krill on Building a Versatile Adaptive Team

Today offers one of the last chances for team candidates to demonstrate their teaching and turning skills at Team Selection 2021 in Breckenridge, Colorado, before the new team is named tomorrow at 6 p.m. MDT.

PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach Geoff Krill said he is using the remaining time both on and off snow to ensure that his candidates are versatile and can adapt their teaching skills to work on the fundamentals with instructors and students in any discipline.

To that end, adaptive selectors and candidates are spending a few hours on-snow with the PSIA Telemark Team today as this remarkable event heads for its long-awaited conclusion.

“Given the level of creativity and diversity of people at this level, I’m excited to get out and see what we come up with today,” Geoff said. “And also in the seasons to come.”

How does it feel to have Team Selection actually happening?

It’s nice. There was a lot of build up, especially after selection was postponed last spring. Everyone’s excited to be moving forward.

For all the disciplines, the ONEteam concept is something everyone is talking about, and it’s exciting. It’s something we have been doing in adaptive for a while, because we spend so much time understanding everyone’s skills and how to adapt our bodies to them. But now there’s more buy-in. This is a way of working together that has a lot of potential for the new team.

What do you feel is unique about the candidates you have for this particular team?

I love the interest in what the team is – and interest in bringing adaptive instruction to the next level. It’s awesome to be in that realm. We have three people trying out, two snowboarders and a skier. Right now, it’s all about what each candidate brings to the table, because everyone on the adaptive team will need to have the skills to speak to skiing and snowboarding.

How do you expect this team to impact and inform future PSIA-AASI instruction?

I expect them to continue drive the focus on figuring out how to adapt body parts to get performance out of them to help our students learn to ski or snowboard. It’s all about the same sense of independence and love of the sport, and understanding the basis of alpine or cross country and how to move forward. I’m excited to get out of this COVID situation, and to work with a new team.

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